Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mental Morning Check List

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Brush teeth
Find glasses
Make sure iPhone is charged
Oh hi Honey - remember to say hi to him
Be nice
Be nice
Be nice
Remember you are not a morning person. This will all be better in an hour.
Start breakfast
Wake up child A
Give cereal to sleepy child C who just wandered in to kitchen in footed pajamas
Carry child B downstairs - apparently the apple did not fall to far from the tree on that one.
Finish packing child A lunch
Finish packing child B lunch
Dress child C
Do child A hair
Do child B hair
Give child C more cereal
3 sets of teeth brushed
6 shoes
Pack snack for child A
Asthma meds for child B
Antibiotics for Child B
Eye drops for child A
Dislodge toy car from arm of recliner for child C
Put homemade playdough that Child A's teacher requested in correct backpack
3 Jackets
Glasses on Child A
Get in the car
Get in the car
Please get in the car
I am going to start shouting now - get in the car
Gas - yes - phew
Pug - not under the tires or in the backseat - good
Back out of driveway run back in to put donation for Kidney Society on front porch
Back out a little farther
Run in to get 4 quarters so child A can buy lollipops at school
Back out
Run in to grab a towel for spilled milk from Child C's cup that was smuggled into the car
Back out a little more - "Mommy - I have to go potty"
Take a deep breathe - "You can do this Holly"
Unbuckle Child C - tell him to pee in the bush - there is no time to go inside
Child C pees on his shoes
Strip Child C - run inside and grab clothes - tell him to wait in kitchen
Come back to find him streaking through house - "Mommy - I am neked as a jaybird!"
Deep Breathe - put on clothes - quickly
Jump in car - tell child A to put on her jacket and get ready because we are going to barely make it
FINALLY leave driveway
Drive 2 minutes to school
Drop off Child A - love you Baby

Child B - "Mommy - I have to go to the potty"


-- Post From My iPhone


blessedintexas said...

Laughing and crying right there with you! What is it with backing up a vehicle and the sudden urge to go potty?!

Mimi said...

laughed out loud!!

Angie said...

Ahhhh.......I think I hate those words. LOL

Anonymous said...

Holly, this does not give me hope for my future. ;) At least you have a sense of humor about it... now.

Our Country Road said...

Hysterical. Thank you for this morning laugh!!