Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Good Grief - where did the weekend go???????

Anyway - I could not be the proud author of a blog with the title I Heart Bowheads without posting some Valentines creations - could I?

I love my Creative Memories Dress Up Calendar board and usually just about have it dressed up and filled in by the end of the month. :) Since it is February 15th I should probably get going on filling in the dates. (Obviously this is not our family master calendar - otherwise we would never be anywhere on time!)
I had to make a Valentines wine bottle and yes - I am working on the pictures for how to do that in a post coming up soon! (Like American Idol - after the break) I am about to face a wine bottle quandary because I am about to run out of the little lights and you can't just run down to Hobby Lobby to buy them anymore! Gonna have to do some online shopping for that one!
Teacher gifts this year: I made cards using my Cricut which is my lifesaver! Made cute cute pens that my friend Stephanie taught me how to make - I will have to do a post on those too because they are dirt cheap, easy to make, and the perfect little gift. I bought cute cups from Walmart for one dollar each and filled them with candy and voila - teacher gift for maybe 2 dollars total spent per gift?
Anyway - I am off to the Asthma doctor (poor poor 5 year old Noodle) and then I am going to work on my first (of many I hope) giveaway posts!!!!!!!!!!!


Bethany said...

Those teacher gifts are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!