Friday, February 12, 2010


For today's letters of intent I decided to write just that - several little letters since I have so many cute pics from the last few days!

Dear Rice Krispie Treats,

You are much appreciated. We really do not know what we would do without you and I believe that now your smell is a part of our family history. Now I know this is going to sound crazy but you know how certain smells remind you of certain moments in your life? We went out yesterday to play in the snow (for the 4th time - we got a record 11 inches here in DFW) and when the kids and I came inside the whole house was so warm and smelled like rice krispy treats and popcorn. I will never forget that moment and I will ALWAYS make you when we have snow days.


Dear Barbie Jeep,

ooops - sorry!


Dear 5 year old child getting ready to go out in the snow,

Forgetting something?

Love you,


Dear Penelope the Pug,
Don't look at me like that - none of this is my fault!



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Foursons said...

Rice Krispie treats are sooo good. I am so jealous of the snow y'all are getting.

Shoes? Did the 5 year old think they did not need shoes in the snow? Brrrr!

Your picture of your pug cracks me up. Poor thing is not used to the winter weather in TX!

Thanks for linking up- you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh I LOVE Rice Krispies!! And that Pug face...ahahahahaha These were GREAT! I'm a picture blogger too! LOL I can't seem to post something without pictures!

Amy B said...

Rice Krispie Treats...yummy..

Now who needs shoes is just a lil snow..ha.

Your pug looks like he has things he wants to say...and they may not be very nice..

Great pics...thanks for sharing.

Kmama said...

Hahahahahaha. Those are great letters. I love the one to your dog. Hysterical.

blessedintexas said...

What an awesome mom for making rice krispie treats! Great pics.

The Park Wife said...

Came over from SITS! I love the letters, great idea nad your pictures are precious!

Have a great weekend!
The Park Wife

Sage said...

What great pictures! and you can't go wrong with Rice Krispie treats and kids; god combination. Have fun.

Rachel said...

love the photos and am so jealous of your snow!