Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Mommaview - Tara's Try!

So I wrote a post a while back called Tara's Try - you should totally go read it because - well- you should....

Anyhoo - I am very pleased that Tara from Mommy's a Runner and the very same Tara that inspired me to write that post filled out a Mammaview!

Here goes -

The Mommaview
Created by Holly Oelkers
To be used for the blog
Email answers back to

Your name: Tara

Your website (if you have one):

Do you stay at home/work outside of the home/have some interesting combination of both?:

Mostly I stay at home but I do work part time for my parents Insurance Agency. The job is out of my home and well I couldn't quit if I wanted because my mom needs my help.

Your occupation: Stay at home mom. In a previous life I was a Naval Flight Officer and then briefly a school teacher (Middle School Math, LOVE IT)

Tell us about it:

I absolutely love that I had Chloe (my one child) later on in life. I was able to have my cake and eat it too. I got to have a successful carreer in the Navy. I loved the job but I was ready to be done when my time was up. I do miss the Reserves (I got out after I had Chloe) and would like to go back but I don't see that happening. I just can't risk being deployed. I can't imagine missing a whole year of her life.

Your education: Bachelors from UCSB in Mathematics. Masters in Educations from Drexel.

How many kids do you have? 1 and 3 Steps

Tell us about them: The stepkids are older, like in their 20's older. Chloe my one biological child is amazing. I had no idea how awesome being a mom would be but I absolutely adore her. She is an outgoing kid and has a temperment like her father, meaning she is happy go lucky for the most part and is willing to roll with most situations. Her being so easy going makes it easy to take her places. So we travel with her a ton. She is just one awesome kid. Hey I am her mom, I can brag.

Do you wish you:

Stayed at home/worked outside of the home/could find some interesting combination of the two?

Oh there are times I wish I could still have a career (that didn't involve making meals, cleaning up and wiping booties) but for the most part I am extremely happy with my life and career path. At the end of the day I wouldn't trade any of the time I have with Chloe for a career.

Where did you meet most of your friends? Children activities or running

Do you feel that Mom friends are important? Absolutely

Are those friends primarily working or stay at home? Both

Now that you have answered those questions – why do you think that is?

Most of the moms I meet with younger kids I meet because we are taking out kids to activities at the times of day that I wouldn't meet a mom that worked outside of the home. And the moms I meet due to running are a mixed bag because I am meeting them for an interest that has nothing to do with the logistics of taking care of kids (well sort of).

What is the most hurtful thing another Mom has said or done to you.

What do you do with all of your time (I was a tad pissed at that question and had some good come backs but in the interest of being nice said nothing)

Is there something that has been said in the media or by other Moms that makes you crazy?

Actually the idea that one way of parenting is best drives me a bit nuts. We can all agree that it takes all types of people to make a successful world. Seems that that would entail diverse childhoods.

What is the best part about your situation? Love love love my family.

What is the worst part about your situation?

I spend a ton of time parenting solo due to my husbands job and that can get old plus it means I can't get a job outside the home because his schedule is nuts and we both don't want someone else taking care of Chloe.

If you could change one thing (but NOT how much money you have – most of us wish we had more money) what would it be? Dang, not sure.

Can you think of anything else that you would like for us to know about you or this subject?

Nahhhh, just interested to see what kind of responses you get. This is such a polarizing topic.


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