Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Monday (now I am humming the song in my head)

Ahhhh Monday - what to do on Monday - I am going to try and be a little tricky here and hit several blog birds with one posty stone - or something like that......

Now -when you head over to this blog

There is a meme that has you list all of the things that you didn't do - even though you really did them. I did not stop doing this meme because I could not keep thinking of things that I did not do - or did - and there is no way that I get so confused by what I did or did not do that I could not think about what to post or not post and how to be funny - or not funny.

Not me.

(I do read a lot of the blogs that link to this blog and have read some really funny not me's today that really know what they did or did not do and did a much better posting - or I guess I should say did not do a good job of posting their not me's. But not me - again - I think."

Anyway - check them out.

Now I also like this blog

And she is talking about a blog posting schedule which I gotta tell you - I am terrible about. I do try and post but I often post from my iphone and I post at all different times of the night. If we are having a crazy week I post from my phone. If I have a sick kid at home and I am spending a lot of time sitting around watching The Wonder Pets well then - I tend to come up with some pretty long winded, complicated posts. Anyway - go check out POM and see what other people are saying about their blog posting schedules.

Now - moving on - I really like this blog because - well - I Heart Bowheads and they Heart Faces.

The theme for this week is Hilarious Outakes. It just so happens that I happen to have a few of those but if I had to chose one - I would go with...(dot dot dot - I Heart Bowheads inside joke)

This one because I really love this picture. This was taken two Christmases ago and yes - the reflection in the door is me - trying to get them to smile. My girls think that Mommy is being VERY silly and my little guy just went all hear no evil on us. This picture just reminds me of a really wonderful really tiring time in my life with a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old.

Well have a Happy Monday all - we'll see what I come up with tomorrow!




Dawn said...

Lovin' the "Hear No Evil" picture!
Stoppin by from SITS!

Foursons said...

Your babies are so cute. And yes, I imagine you were exhausted when they were all that little. Oh my goodness- so much work! I love that he has his hands on his ears to tune out the mommy silliness. :D

Paige said...

Love the photo outtake! Just stopping by from SITS to say Hello. Have a great week!