Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friend Making Monday - Fall Line Up

OK - so I am not gonna lie - I love TV - yep - when the kids are playing during the daytime I keep it off - I am not a daytime TV watcher at all - don't know what is happening on the news, talk shows, or soaps but I tell you what - those kids go to bed and my Hubby and I want to watch some shows!!!!!! We have a pretty good mix of watching shows together - he will watch So You Think You Can Dance with me and I make it through Criminal Minds (with my head buried in a book normally) with him.

These however - are my favs and the ones that I am looking forward to seeing! Are there more - of course are you kidding me? We fill up that TIVO so that during the holidays etc we have stuff to watch. :)

Yes I am excited by The Biggest Loser and you can read why HERE the Cupcakes were born from this show and I am now a proud 148 pounds to prove it. Eight more to go - Come on Cupcakes!!!!!

LOVE this show!!!!!!!

This has become fun because now my girls love it (mostly the 7 year old) so we watch this one together!

Yes - my biggest laugh all week - this show cracks me up!

OK - now we get into the CW teeny bopper portion of our program and I am not ashamed to admit the following shows :)

Hubby and I watched the first one of these the other night - great - pretty people - not over the top - good vampire story - not too bloody or upsetting - I know you True Blood people out there are believers but that one is a little heavy for me - this reminds me of the Twilight series which is obviously what they were going for.

Yes - I am a Supernatural fan - I don't normally like scary but it started because Sam is Dean (which is interesting because his brother is Dean on the show - but anyway) from the Gilmore Girls. Now I am hooked

OK - so I have to admit that I started off watching this one because hubby does stuff like watches So You Think You Can Dance with me and he is the one that actually started off liking it but I gotta tell you - I am pretty much on board now! Good show - pretty people - interesting story - not too heavy - I guess that is the CW formula. :)


Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE this post!! Yay another TV junkie, you and I can talk shows if you want! LOVE Fringe and SYTYCD and Supernatural (please Eric Kripke give me more seasons!) and Smallville (I got hooked on episode 1)!! I love TV, it is such a great escape!