Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why I like Mowing the Lawn

Yes - I like mowing the lawn. Yes that is an actual picture of me mowing the lawn taken with my phone that is always in my back pocket. Anyone driving by would think I most certainly had lost my mind!


Now that my children are the ripe old ages of 7, 5, and 3 - they can play in the backyard without eating rocks or squeezing themselves between fence posts and I am looking for every second of peace that I can find.

So here are my top three reasons for mowing the lawn:

The Noise

Yes - it is loud - it drowns out anything and everything and I LOVE it when the children come and try to tell me something and they look like this:


and I'm all "what's that - I can't hear you - just a second!!!!!!"

:) Love that!

The Exercise

Mowing is great exercise and I really like trying to get my lines straight. :)

Gives my husband more time with the kids

When Daddy does the lawn on the weekend it sort of takes him out of commission for a lot of hours. This way - I cut that down and he gets to play with us instead of the yard!

***** Note - I am still not a weedeater operator. That one scares hubby a little. I am not the most mechanically savvy person (although you should see me out there with the electric hedge trimmer!) and our weedeater is old and a little tricky.


Foursons said...

I like mowing too. Something about those perfect lines is so satisfying!