Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturdays from Soccer Tots

I have to go ahead and say that I heart my iPhone. It keeps me organized and I am able to multi task :)

The Little Buddy HEARTS Soccer Tots! It is so good for him and it is really good for his sisters to actually have to chill out and wait for his activity instead of vise versa. :)

There are other people that love soccer tots.
Mimi and Papa really really love Soccer Tots. Mimi says that it us so wholesome and that in this day and age if you watch CNN you should also watch Soccer Tots- good for the soul. Papa is pretty convinced that Max is the most athletic thing he has ever seen and in his totally unbiased opinion ( and my totally unbiased opinion as well) he is the most coachable, most athletic one in there. As I type- Papa just leaned over to me and said " he is so fun to watch". Nothing quite like the love of grandparents.

The Best Daddy is of course way into Soccer Tota as well.

Talk about two peas in a pod!

-- Post From My iPhone


Yaya said...

Great multi tasking! Wow!