Thursday, March 5, 2009


Been a crazy week! Sorry no posting - had to say hi with this picture that my 4 year old took of me and the Little Buddy. :) 

By the way - the I survived cold and flu season thing - hasn't happened for me yet because - guess what - I have still not survived cold and flu season! The poor noodle is currently suffering from 'roid rage from taking orapred for her respiratory issues.  

Sigh - more later 


Sturgmom said...

Bless your heart! My older son had to take orapred several times as a toddler due to croup. Cranky was NOT the word to describe his temper during those times. So I truly feel for you!

heidi said...

Oh NO!! Doggoneit! Poor kiddo and poor mommy! :-( I posted about my night out and then when we came home Sis had a stomach bug. Yesterday we had Cara in testing for MONO! Luckily she doesn't have it but OY - can this stuff just END already?