Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tired but not for long!

The holidays are over! Hooray - am I an awful person if I say - Hooray! You know what - I will say it again - Hooray!!!!!! Now please don't misunderstand me - I love love love Christmas time - I really do! We did sooooo many cool things and really had a great time. I have some good ideas for how I am going to do next year different (that is if we are still in the States - stay tuned for more posts on the possibility of a blog name change from I Heart Bowheads to Germany or Bust! :) 

Anyway - yes - I digress.... when do I not? 

I am happy to be back and I have not been anywhere! I am happy to be back blogging and checking all of the blogs that I read that I have sadly been ignoring. I am excited to cook and clean and organize and just be a Mom - no part time job, no bows to make or schools to work for - just me - simplifying and taking a big fat deep breath! I will say it again - 



momma said...

it is nice to get back to normalcy after the excitement and joy of christmas!

(visiting from sits)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ah, I say HOORAY with you!!!

I'm ready to get my house back to normal and put away all the Christmas decor!