Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am NOT ignoring my children to write this post. 

I do NOT ever want to strangle a pug. 

I am NOT in any way stressed out by the 3 million things that I have to do. 

I refuse to be discouraged by the fact that everywhere I go I sell ponytail holders but I have yet to sell one over the internet. 

I did NOT give a woman at church a very un church like downright dirty look as she stood pulling her son out of the nursery (where my beautiful boy was also) and tell the story of how the baby was home with the stomach virus and everyone in the family had been sick now except for the child that was drooling all over the toys next to my son. I did not pick him up and literally jog away from the germs. 

This leads me to my next Not Me 

I am NOT a germaphobe 

I also do not suffer from a mild case of Ranidaphobia

I am not at all curious if any of you know what I am afraid of. 

:) Guesses?


Happy Campers said...

I love your hair bows! :) After Christmas, when things slow down, I'd still love to take some pictures for you! These things are too cute not to sell online!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah! Fear of frogs? I did look it up, had to!!!!!

Dorsey said...

I tried to look it up on but came up blank.

Frogs, huh? I can't say I'm afraid of them, but they CAN be creepy! hehe

Stephanie said...

Hi Holly! I just wanted to let you know that my post about our swap is finally up. Sorry about it taking so long to get has been super crazy! I really loved everything you sent, and was super excited about the bows! I secretly had hoped you would send them, and you did :-)THANK YOU for everything, it was so fun!

One quick suggestion about selling your bows online...I read a blog called Mommin' It Up . com, and they give away tons of items, and have a huge following here in Ohio. They are even featured blog for our large newspaper. I would suggest that you offer to do a giveaway for them, and in return, they request folks visit your site. This would atleast send people your way, to see your items. I am not really sure how they work the whole giveaway thing on their end, but it is worth a shot.

I always enter every giveaway they have!

Thanks again! Have a good week!

Anna said...

fear of frogs :) oh it makes me so mad when parents bring sick (or potentially contagious) babies to the nursery! hope your little one didnt get anything!

kel said...

strangle a pug?? We have one, and there are defintily times when I want to stangle him, but he's too cute.

Tranquility said...

You're scared of frogs? Oh, you poor thing!
(No, I didn't know... gotta love google!)