Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday Prayer Request!!!!

So I went to write my weekly Not Me post (as is my Monday custom) wrote it, saved a draft, and went to MckMama's site to grab the Not Me button and read her Not Me's - guess what - no Not Me's but a baby boy with RSV! Some of you may know - we HATE RSV in this family and have had some not so great experiences ourselves so I really hate that the poor Little Guy (Stellan - the Miracle in the button below) is sick! Anyway - I decided to go ahead and post my Not Me's but first - please say a prayer for Stellan and for all the other little RSV babies in the hospital right now. It is RSV season and I remember that feeling of just sitting up in a hospital chair with a tiny baby on my lap - watching her breath in and breath out and breath in and breath out praying with every little puff of air.........

Original Post

Sooooo many this week - so many - here goes 

This week.... I did not

ever let anyone eat cookies for breakfast 

I also NEVER let the Little Buddy fall asleep at nap clutching a quarter that he refused to give up - I mean really - who would do that besides someone that is trying to make the 6:00 news?

No Way that we ever skipped any naps 

I for sure DID not drink two margaritas and then throw up violently - that would be A. stupid and B. a little embarrassing! 

There is no way that I ever shouted at my adorable children telling them that I was going to pack up all the toys and take them to children that need them and would actually be grateful for them. 

I never once thought cuss words in my head while trying to open the packaging on a toy. 

I was never once standing next to a family member that was a close talker......

I am not completely close talker phobic.

I did not decide this week that my husband is the best ever and I am not sure why I deserve him. I  would also NEVER tell him that - are you kidding? Straight to the big guys head that would go. :) 

I did not SO push the importance of the Baby Jesus that the Little Buddy went straight to the chimney - pointed up and said, "Baby Jeshush Mommy?" Ooops - might have to clarify that one for next year. 

I am not hiding toys as fast as I can find them so that a rainy day in March I can bust out a new toy. I am also not bagging up old toys as fast as I can to give them to the Goodwill without letting the children know what generous souls they are - why would I miss that teaching opportunity you ask - not because this is much quicker and easier - no there is no way that I would do that! 

Not me! 


Veggie Mom said...

I must confess...I AM letting them eat cookies for breakfast this week. And lunch, and dinner! I think we're on Cookie Overload, and I'm trying to get rid of them as fast as I can!!