Monday, December 8, 2008

I am not tired

I am not heart broken that my baby is 7.

I did not give a Pug named Penelope a luxurious bubble bath this week. 

I am not hanging up my bow hat for a while. I am not going to concentrate on my family and the holidays and I am not keeping my shop at funky finds open for one more month just for sentimental value. :) 

I never bribed anyone with anything sweet to do anything at all this weekend. 

I am not still rocking that 2 year old to sleep at nap time. 

I have not missed blogging this week and I am not excited at all to turn I Heart Bowheads into a simple family blog versus a bow advertisement. :) 

I am not going to keep doing giveaways just because I like doing giveaways though. 

I am not over the top excited about going to see the Rudolph play tomorrow! 

I am not still head over heals in love with my husband after 12 years and 3 kids - how would that be possible? 

But it is.......



tara @ kidz said...

Awwww that last one is so sweet! =)

Noah's Mommy said...

I think you are awesomely I've given you a bloggy award..come by and grab it when you can....

Melissa B. said...

Hi there! Visiting from BPOTW. Love your blog; you're quite the Scribbler! Listen, I'm up for a Pretty Neat blogging award, and I made the final cut. Yup, I'm campaigning for votes...please come by and check it out if you have a chance!

Tranquility said...

Wow - pugs get bubble baths and two year olds get rocked to sleep? I think I like your family - want to adopt an adult? Oh wait... but I come with an entire family of my own. I guess it wouldn't really work out.

heidi said...

I'm not totally still rocking my two year old to sleep, either.