Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

We did NOT have ANOTHER chin busting incident involving a repeat trip to the emergency room, more glue, steri strips, and about a million band aids. 

I did NOT tell the BD that he has to do any heavy disciplining or medicine giving over the next week because there is no way that I am making that baby do anything that he does not want to do after back to back traumatic hair cutting and emergency room experiences during which the Little Buddy screamed, "Daddy, My Daddy" the entire time. 

I do not have hurt feelings that the children have such a good Daddy that they love so much and I do not secretly wish that they loved me a little bit more even though I know how much I am loved - there is not even one little part of me that ever thinks that - nope! 

I did not  doze during the Nutcracker - are you kidding me? What kind of an example would that be for my beautiful girls. 

I did not have an amazing time watching dance recitals, riding the Polar Express, going on a special girls day with my daughters, and cuddling up to watch Frosty. 

I am not tired. 

I am not so in love with me little family that it hurts - just a little bit - that would be crazy right? 

I am NOT wishing you guys the best Christmas ever and there is no way that I am sitting here typing this post instead of getting ready for 10 of my favorite in laws to come over here tonight for our annual Mexican Fiesta night. 

I am not in any way - excited for December 26th to come and my calendar to come screeching to a blank halt. 

I did not push the BD in the middle of the night when I could not go back to sleep so that he would roll over in his good REM sleep slumber because there is no way that I knew that would wake him up and he would put his arm around me. What a terrible thing to mess with someone's sleep like that. 

I am not going on and on in my Not Me post while the BD's Great Aunt D sits out on the couch reading a magazine. Are you kidding me? I would never do that - I should be out there hanging on her every word....

I guess I'll go get started with that! 



Happy Campers said...

:) You are always so funny :) Merry Christmas buddy!

{Ashley B} said...

I always love these posts from you! Merry Christmas!

Veggie Mom said...

When College Girl was little, we made several trips to the ER. The Wild One, meantime, has never seen the inside of a hospital, and only goes near a doctor for her annual checkup. My girls could not be more different, health-wise!

Natalie said...

Mexican Fiesta night!?!?! yummmmmmm... I do NOT wish that I was invited too!

Merry Christmas to you!