Tuesday, July 10, 2012

greetings from Africa, blogging from a nook, and some notes to self

Well - we made it to Africa and I am blogging from my nook. Good news - I am hoping to be able to keep up with the journey AS we journey thanks to the power of wireless internet and technology. Badnews - no fancy fonts, no pictures, and no spellcheck so sorry about that. (Especially the fonts - I know you heart the fonts.)

Nonetheless - I am sitting in a beautiful courtyard in Africa, watching husband and the kids swim in a heated pool and type on a nook (which - FYI is challenging).

Anyway - lets start at the beginning with some info you may or may not know and some notes to self regarding international travel and young children.

First - Africa is really flipping far away.

Our total travel time door to door was 23 hours 15 minutes. (House in MA - hotel front lobby)

Note to self (from here on abbreviated as N TS - typing on a nook here.)- International travel - put toothbrushes and toothpaste in carryon.)

We flew from Boston to the Heathrow airport in coach. On my kids bodies it felt like 2:30 am when we landed. Only one slept on the first leg.

We were at Heathrow for 3 hours.

NTS - I really want to go back to England.

Second leg we were in World TravelerPlus seats (think business class) and we were much happier. The kids were all WOW and "this is amazing,"

NTS - if your kids pass out before you take off - ask for drinks and pretzels for them. Otherwise - that ship sailed. Also the food was fancy - we are going to ask for kid food on the way back. They did not eat much.

FYI - apple juice spilled in your lap on a 9 hour flight is sticky and cold - for a long time.

My kids were really good. I am very proud of them.

I looked up at one point and saw we had 4 hours left and thought " wow - we just might make it".

45 minutes left was an amazing feeling.

Picture in your mind what the Nairobi airport is like. Yep - that is pretty much it.

FYI - waiting in line for visas in the Nairobi airport for over an hour with three kids who have been trapped on a plane for ever is painful.

Getting picked up at the airport to be told it is a "short 25 minute drive " is a little painful.

Getting to the hotel to find out your husband (whom you dont sleep very well without) is going to sleep in a seperate room with one of your children on a different FLOOR of a hotel you just arrived at in - once again I reiterate - Africa - was painful without a doubt.

What was awesome was a shower, toothbrushes, room service,and a good hard sleep.

You know what else was awesome? Waking up to discover you are in amazing hotel with family you love and miss and an unbelievable itinerary waiting for us.

Jambo, from Africa my friends! Jambo,


Anonymous said...

Love your story. And, I ahree "typing "on a nook id very challeging. I do it all the time because it is my wifi tool of choice when i travel,, whuch is what im doing now and purposly not correcting! LOL