Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day two Africa

Man I am so glad that I am doing this because (as I sit here at 5:30 in the morning) I am thinking to my self - "self" (cuz you know that is what I think) "self - what did I do yesterday?"

Oh wait - I remember - yesterday was awesome.

Yesterday started off a little rough because I was up at 3 and my 7 year old was up at 5. That makes for a really long day. But nonetheless we are us so we soldier on. ;)

We had a nice breakfast and then had a "safari meeting". Amazingly I am not even freaked out going in. I did have to laugh when our tour guide (who by the way is great. A born teacher, he speaks a ton of different languages, and we are learning a lot from him.) anyway I had to laugh when he told us the kids could play at camp but needed to be quiet. Glad I wasn't drinking anything or I might have spit it out. I do think I managed a guffaw or a chortle of some sort. Anyway I am sure that will be just fine....

Speaking of kids - I totally get that every mother will say this but I have the three best little kids in the whole big wide world. They have been funny and well behaved and well, I know I keep saying this, but troopers.

Watching Husband swim and play with them makes me all gushy inside. I believe I am going to keep that guy also.

Anyway on with the day. We got on our bus and went to an elephant orphanage. Oh man I can't wait for you guys to see the pictures! They have us all stand behind a rope (you know - so the rope can keep us from being trampled;) and watch the bushes up the hill. All of a sudden - here comes this pack of baby elephants.

Yep - baby elephants. The littlest guys wear little blankets. How stinking cute is that??? They all come charging up and their people are standing around in green coats with these ginormous bottles! Some of them even held their own.

Then the keepers (who clearly love them) play with them a little and one guy kept shoveling dirt on their feet which they seemed to like, while another keeper talked. They even had a ball.

I am now officially NOT a fan of poaching.

Then they had the next group come up and they were bigger. Oh I forgot to say one of the little guys went kind of of course and brushed up against the highly protective rope barrier and actually bumped into some people in our group. I looked at my sister in law and she had red dirt on her! I might have said something like "wow glad the happened to you and not me" which would not have been my most charitable comment of the day but I think she thought that was funny. Right Kay? ;)

Anyway - then they brought the bigger ones out. These guys were all about 2 years old and made me a little nervous. They were big toddlers and I would think that they could have a little streak of naughty in them.

All in all - the pictures are going to be amazing and it was an awesome experience.

Then we went to giraffe manor and got to learn all about giraffes and they have this really cool tall building thing that you can stand on and feed a giraffe. Pretty sure I don't have to tell you how much my kids liked that.

Then it was back to the hotel to rest and eat dinner and pack up so we can head out tomorrow - today - whenever.....


Mimi Witcher said...

I met a baby elephant at the Kansas City Zoo. It was the cutest animal I had ever met. A herd of baby elephants? Oh, my! I was just looking this up to make sure herd is what you call a group of them and learned that a group of giraffes is called a tower. You probably already know this, but I was very pleased to learn it!