Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day one Africa

Ok I have to start of this day by admitting I don't think I have ever seen Out of Africa and I don't know very much about that lady except I know she is a big deal in Africa.

We started off with a lovely breakfast at our amazing hotel. Then we moved on to the Out of Africa ladies house. We took a tour that I thought was fascinating.

I have to stop here and say that the number one thing that I really really love about international travel is the wonderful diversity that you get to experience. If you really don't believe that we are the same only decorated differently and given different words with which to speak than I really feel so sorry for you. We have such a wonderful and creative God who gave us so many wonderful colors and regions and dialects. I love that my children have been exposed to what is truly a really huge, very small world.

Anyway - the out of Africa thing was cool and then we moved on to a bead making place. Man - that was stinking awesome. These people actually sit around all day and make beads. Like from clay. By hand. So great. My kids were transfixed. They showed us a man who made pottery on a wheel. My 7 year old whispers to me " we have GOT to get one of those.

Then we did some shopping and went to lunch at a place called The Carnivore. Think Texas de Brazil. They come around and give you a lot of different kindsnofnmeat right off the bone. My seven year old very picky eater was hysterical. She was holding her hands up and firmly saying NO every time someone came around with a stick of meat. ;) My 10 year old a some eater tried everything - ox balls or something, ostrich, all the beef, chicken and pork of course. I can't remember if she tried the crocodile but I did. Yuk. Picture what you would thin a crocodile would taste like - sort of chewy and fishy. Yep that is it.

We went back to the hotel and let the kids swim, ate a good dinner, and went to sleep. I slept for 5 hours and then was wide awake. Darn jet lag. I actually feel amazingly good and really hope to have a good nights sleep tonight. More tomorrow!!!!


Mimi Witcher said...

Loved reading these! Sounds like a marvelous adventure!