Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What? It's June? What????

So - I am going to tell you people something that might come as a shock to you.....

It is June 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, right? How did this happen? Where did April and May go?

Anyway - what has been going on with me? 
Let me explain - no is too much. Let me sum up.
(Ten points if you got that awesome reference.)

 Anyway - I still digress as much as ever just in case you were wondering.

Let's see - where was I? 

Well since I last blogged I finally owned up that I actually hurt my knee way back in early March. Do you remember this story?  Well I went to the doctor finally and found out I had sprained my MCL. Ooops - I guess the ladies beginner tennis class I took was not my best move. Oh well. I went to PT and they fixed me right up. Thank goodness. 

Oh yeah - I somehow got shingles. Yep. Shingles. Yep I am 37. Nope no idea how I got them. Yep they hurt like hell. No you don't have to be scared of me they are gone. By the time we figured it out they were basically gone and the doctor asked if I hugged any newborn babies or old people in the last week and I said no and she said well good. 

And that was that.......

What else? 

I have been to a dance recital and the Boston Opera House to see Beauty and the Beast with my 7 year old, and about a gajillion soccer games and several softball games and a bunch of golf stuff and the library 3,784 times and the grocery story every other day because the kids are eating me out of house and home.....

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have these three really great kids. They are funny and keep me busy and are getting so big so fast. 

My baby boy's last day of preschool is tomorrow. I have been working really hard to not be in a funk about this. I was a great preschool mom. A great one. I loved Gymboree and Caillou and balancing a toddler on a hip while I tried to do something. I miss nap time and holding hands when we cross the street. I was a great preschool Mom but you know what - I am going to be a great elementary school Mom. They are so funny and such people now. We talk and interact and play and everything is so much more two sided rather than one sided.

 Yes, I am looking forward to being an all elementary school Mom next year. 

Yes I am probably going to cry tomorrow and will more than likely need a tranquilizer or something on Friday during preschool graduation but I am going to be a great elementary school Mom. 

Let's see what else? Oh yeah I am finishing my Masters - FINALLY. Unfortunately I was to the point in my degree when the baby was born (yes the baby that is graduating preschool tomorrow) that I had to have 12 weeks in a classroom to finish and of course a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn are not so conducive to staying in your classroom soooooo it was put on hold and now I am actually going to finish. Yep - this time next year I will have my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and you know what???????

I will NEVER take another test or write another paper again. Seriously. Never. I am getting too old for this academic ridiculousness. My brain feels rusty. 

To answer your question (you know for the one of you who was going to ask) we are not quite ready to have the Mommy (that's me FYI) go back into a classroom full time so I am going to sub and concentrate on finishing the masters and being CEO of Casa de Bowheads for a while longer but it will be so nice to have that degree FINISHED. 

Oh yeah - and I am still married and I do actually try and chat with that guy from time to time. 

Soooooo long story short - that is why I have not been blogging. Oh did I mention I am going to Africa in July and I am on a mission to be really fit and healthy before I go? Did I also mention that my entire body hurts. I mean I guess not my hair and maybe not one or two of my toes but really and truly my entire body hurts at this moment. Don't get me wrong - hurts in a good, surely I am going to be skinnier in the morning kind of way but also another reason why the poor bowheads blog has been so lonely. 

I think I will take up blogging with my iphone again. We will see how it goes. 

Anyway - enough rambling from me. Must. Sleep. Now...........


Foursons said...

Congrats on finishing your Masters!!!! That is a huge accomplishment.

Enjoy your last summer with all the kiddos. Next school year will be a huge change for you!

Natalie said...

Congrats on finishing your Masters!! I was an elementary school teacher, and then when my oldest started in middle school, I decided to homeschool her. Now, she just graduated high school, has 17 college credits under her belt toward her degree, and wants to marry her sweetheart when they both finish college--YIKES, where does the time fly!?! Now my other childrens are 9,7,6,3, and 6 months old (surprise baby!), and I'm continuing on the homeschool journey. (It's a year-by-year decision!) Good luck with everything--I love your music and blog!!

Natalie said...

Ps. I also had shingles, while nursing 5-month old baby #5 (at my age 34)....baby never got it, nor did anyone else in the family. Then last year while I was pregnant, my husband (at age 36) got shingles!!! Thank God, the baby was fine, and nobody caught it either. They say it's caused by extreme stress....so, now whenever I start feeling stressed out, I try to relax LOL ;-)