Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting ready to go back to school

So I have to begin this post with a little story............

We are the lucky parents who got to face the tough decision of what to do with our Summer Birthday Middle Child - affectionately known here at I Heart Bowheads as - The Noodle.

I will not go into the decision making process in detail here for the sake of helping out with the brevity and consecutive readability of this post but I will say

It was an intensive process

Once our decision was made - we sat the Noodle down and told her the big news. That she was going to get to go to Junior Kindergarten at her preschool (a place we really really really really really - I could go on - do you get my point?) love.

She started off confused, "but Mommy I already goed there?"

The Mommy, " Yes Baby but you would get to go there for Kindergarten - every day - just like Sister."

The Noodle, "Mommy - Kindergawten is EBEWY DAY????????? Oh Mommy - I cannot POSSIBWLY do dat!"

To answer your next and most obvious question - yes we have had the Noodles speech tested - she falls right on the low end of normal and we will continue to monitor it although I secretly hope it hangs around for awhile - she provides me with such good material. People tell me all the time that they love my impressions of her. She is quite expressive, has a huge vocabulary and some unusual articulation quirks so she is very fun to imitate. (Behind her back of course - I mean - really - what kind of mother do you think I am?)

Anyway - I have REALLY digressed here as is my usual custom - so sorry :)

She is now VERY excited about Junior Kindergarten for a variety of reasons but I am finally going to get around to the point of this post and share with you my Noodle's



Yes - the lunchbox. Not the teacher, not the new friends, not the classroom - she is SO excited about her lunchbox. This was made even more exciting when her very best boyfriend in the world insisted to his Mommy that he purchase her the monkey lunchbox. (Those two really are soul mates - destined to be together - but that is another long post. :)

Anyway - back to the lunchbox. We have this conversation daily - yes daily - sometimes twice daily.........

Noodle - Mommy - can you pack me Bologna?

Mommy - Yes Baby

Noodle - Mommy - can you pack me Turkey?

Me - Yes Baby

Noodle - Mommy - do ya think dat she (teacher) would let me eat a banana muffin?

Me - Yes Baby I imagine so

Noodle (almost always with a sigh) Man - I am going to lub Kindagaurden.


Foursons said...

Does junior Kindergarten mean you are holding her out an extra year? We're holding my youngest out who just turned 5 last Sunday.

RamblingMother said...

G wanted me to pack her lunch box the minute we got home. School starts next WED. She was totally confused.