Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best 3 Bucks You have Ever spent

Where you ask? Where is the Mommy grinning from ear to ear and taking silly pictures of the children????????
What is all the excitement about?
The Suspense, the Screaming, The Suprise?????
Tell us!!!!! Let us in on the secret now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes - you guessed it -
Man that is big fun. You don't have to unbuckle, you don't have to do anything but ride and enjoy!
The soapy goodness
The delighted screams of the children
Look Mommy - the soap is everywhere!!!!!!!
Gee that was great Mommy.....
Can we do it again??????????


Jane In The Jungle said...

We have one that has Rainbow suds!!! The kids adore it, expecially with the sunroof cover open!!! And my oldest is 15!!! LOL!

Foursons said...

HA! My youngest is a little scared of the car wash.