Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'cuba 'teve

This is my son. He is a man of many nicknames and now we have a new one.......

Scuba Steve 


 in his words
'cuba 'teve
After swim lessons last week - we had to go and buy him his own pair of goggles.
This is how he walked out of the store - holding Mommy's hand of course. 

He did retire them to his head so that he could fully enjoy his after swim 'pecial treat! 


Foursons said...

How cute is that?! He looks great in orange.

Rachel said...

One- He is so stinking cute and getting bigger by the minute!!
Two- Love the "kid speak", it is my favorite part of being a toddler mommy
Three- the goggles are just great- love that he walked out of the store like that
Four- You are the nicest mommy in the world to let your kid eat an ice cream cone in your car. Even if my kids could have ice cream I don't think I would be that nice lol!

Foursons said...

hint= 4th of July and cooler

Happy Campers said...

how CUTE! OK, and check out that ice cream cone. Where is that from? And who designed the cone-in-lid? You are GENIUS...this needs a post...