Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Big Fourth of July with some Walgreens kind of love

We had a great Fourth of July but I never really had a great post until I discovered a wonderful concept that I like to call Walgreens Love........

Let me explain - no it is too much - let me sum up (quote - yes Princess Bride - the best)

We had a fun day and had Mimi and Papa over for dinner and then we headed out to watch some fireworks. 

Well...... before the fireworks - we were working on dinner and I went to pull our Pampered Chef round stone out of the oven with one hand in an oven mitt......



Sadly - I tried to catch it with my other hand.........

Yes - ouch

I know that the picture cannot even do the fingers justice but let me just tell you - OUCH!!!!! 

I put ice on it - went about my business. We all went to the fireworks, I moaned and complained some but basically said - "oh no, I am fine - ice will do the trick". 

We came home and were scurrying around putting kids in bed when the phone rings from Walgreens - the Daddy answered - "hello??????" It was Mimi and Papa. They had forgotten their cell phones but had gone to Walgreens to buy me Aloe and pain relief stuff and were dropping it back off on the porch. 

HOW GREAT IS THAT????????????

I mean - you TOTALLY know the feeling - when you go late at night to roam the isles of your local drug store looking for ANYTHING that will make your child feel better???????? That is Walgreens kind of love - parents - you KNOW what I am talking about! 

I think it is so awesome that never goes away - even when you are 34.......

I hope I get to keep roaming drug stores for a very, very long time. Looking for anything that will make it better! 

Thanks Mimi and Papa! 

Happy Fourth of July! 


FranticMommy said...

wow...that was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! I know I will be that way with my kids when they are 34 too. :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
(hope your finger feels better!)

Happy Campers said...

That is beyond have great parents! HOw is your hand???