Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Comment Correction

So tonight, I was reading a blog that I really like - here and decided to leave a comment because I have been inspired here

I read the post - it was a cute post - a good post - a funny post.............

I typed

:) funny

Good comment - right? Short, succint, to the point, complimentary.........

Did the computer think that?

umh - not so much

The computer told me my comment was too brief and to try again.


Anyway - I made my comment longer by rambling about the whole thing and decided to continue the ramblings here..........

Just cuz'



Moms On The Go said...

Welcome to the challenge! Cute blog!

Rachel said...

hehehe, never tried that:)

Sue said...

I didn't know you couldn't leave a one word comment.

Stopping by from Harriet's comment challenge.

Texasholly said...

Both the deleted and the non-deleted comments were great!