Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What did I do with this knucklehead and his sisters today?
We watched Rise of the Guardians. (Rented from the library - how awesome is that? Totally new release - right?)

We made pumpkin bread AND darn good chocolate cupcakes and I didn't eat one bite. (For this I felt I should receive some sort of award which no one felt the need to offer me.)

We played Farmville 2. Go ahead and judge - we like it and so does our Mimi who lives far away so it is a fun way for us to connect. The kids get so excited about the little animals and they love it when Mimi sends them stuff.

We all learned how to operate a manual can opener.

We ate a lot of canned green beans.....

We all read a bunch of books. (I am not even just saying that - we actually read.)

We did the Teen Beach Movie Dance Along. Two things you should know about this - I secretly totally enjoyed it and I am glad my husband was not home. I believe it is possible that he would have teased me. He loves me and all but - let's be honest - I would have teased me.

We went swimming.

We ate homemade meatballs for dinner. I really love homemade meatballs. Almost made up for the lack of cake.

Oh yeah and we had canned green beans with that.

I wonder if I could cook green beans in eggs in the morning....

It is possible I should have thought through the can opener activity a little but but hey - it is my responsibility to teach these children how to be productive citizens. People should know how to work can openers.

Now I am typing on my computer watching America's Got Talent with husband while the girls play and the aforementioned knucklehead is putting around the living room - literally - golf ball, putter, cups, etc.

Sigh - I love summer time. I really do.