Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keeping it Real

This is a post about keeping it real.

I love it when I hear (read on Facebook, blogs etc) 

"oh sure - I would look like that after I had a baby if I had a makeup artist and hair stylist show up at my hospital room...." (In case you have been under a rock - A really pretty Princess in England had a baby)

Listen Sweetheart, you tell yourself whatever you need to get you through your day but I am telling you - there is no makeup artist/hair stylist/pair of spanks in the WORLD that could make me look like that ONE day after having an 8 pound baby. You get to be a princess because you are a princess. You look and act and talk and walk like a princess. Just keeping it real folks. You can say that Husband is my prince and I am his princess and I would totally agree  but we were looking pretty bedraggled when we brought home that first little duchess. We are also totally ok with our ordinariness.

Just keeping it real folks.

Now on that same note. Did you know that people are WAITING to name their babies in England to hear what that little royal dude's name is going to be? I make fun of that but it is possible that I would wait to name my baby because I would HATE to accidentally  use the same name and then my poor kid would be one of like a hundred Chuck's (or whatever name) in his Kindergarten class.

Just keeping it real folks.

If you are a long time follower of the blog you know about my cupcake days. "Toughen up cupcake. You are not the only fat chick in the gym!" has been a long time mantra of the BFF and I and it helped me lose 25 pounds of baby weight (about 4 years after the last baby - keeping it real of course). I have never been one to hide my body from my kids. This is a good little body. It is not perfect but you know what? I am proud of it. It has worked hard and withstood some stuff. It made three beautiful babies and fell off of a bunch of horses and has somehow despite all forces of nature learned to ski again but now it is telling me,

 "Holly - in the interest of keeping it real - I think you should probably get your chubby butt back into yoga class and while I am not criticizing (this is my body still talking in case you lost me) it would probably not be the worst idea if you picked up a weight or two."

I'm all "ok body - whatever you say" and then do you know what my body told me back?

Ouch - damn girl - that hurt. 

Really? Not supposed to work like that. The body talked. I listened and now it is talking back. That sucks.

Just keeping it real folks.

Who's Line is it Anyway is a very funny show that I used to watch in the middle of the night when I was nursing my now 9 year old. It is back on and it a little bit makes me want a baby again but it mostly makes me happy I don't have to stay up all night and it really makes me want to laugh. I always like to confess guilty TV pleasures here so this is my keeping it real confession for the night.

Just keeping it real folks.

I love summer time. I love my little family. I REALLY REALLY REALLY love my new kitchen. I love that I am starting to get my groove back. I just might catch up after the craziest 6 months ever and I am pretty excited about that. I like being able to sit at my little computer and type my stream of consciousness posts for both of my followers to read and I really love that Husband just walked through the front door and said.

"Hey Babe."

Just keeping it real folks.