Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Time to Talk

You know how when they were babies and everyone told you that this was the most precious time and that you should enjoy every second?

And you were all - "um yes but I might just die right here from sleep deprivation and sure this kid is cute and all but I would seriously entertain offers from the highest bidder if it meant that I could sleep for 4 hours in a row"..... kind of thinking?

But you didn't sell them and you kept on loving them and you kissed them and you enjoyed those late nights and early mornings and tummy time and obsession over milestones and all of the good baby stuff in between and you were still a good mother EVEN though you GASP had moments that you didn't enjoy?

Then came toddlerdom (is that how you spell toddlerdom? toddlerdumb? surely that can't be it)

Anyway - I digress

Ahhh the toddler years. Everyone tells you how sweet they are and that they wish that their kids could go back to this age and that you should enjoy every second?

And you were all -

"For the love of God I just want to have a decent uninterrupted poop!!!!!" 

But you carried on and had tons of laughs and cute memories and your kids still ask you to tell the story of when brother played in the toilet or that sister called a crocodile crockocackle and you were still an awesome Mom even though it is possible your teeth are a little worse for wear from the experience on account of all the grinding?

Well - I am finding myself in another stage such as that. My oldest daughter is 11. She is a 5th grader and to be perfectly honest I am putting myself in a little bit of jeopardy because she is probably more tech savvy than I am and if she ever has the interest (I have no idea why that would strike her but you never know) and looked up and read my blog then I certainly don't want to hurt her feelings so Baby, if you are reading this - Mom is mostly just looking for a laugh and I am trying to encourage other Mothers who have kids WAY more irritating then you are.


I digress 

She is awesome and smart and funny and social and crazy type A and reads like a million words a minute and has a lot going on in that funny, smart brain of hers.

And guess what 

She likes to talk

and do you know her favorite person to talk to?



And I get it. She is not always going to want to talk to me like this and she and I have had SO many learning opportunities because of this. I got her to watch a special by Brian Williams (whom I always tell husband is the only person I would ever leave him for and husband always says isn't he a lot older than me and I always say - doesn't matter but once again I am digressing...) about texting and driving and we talk about friends and boys and teachers and schoolwork and such funny conversations and things that happened at school and I am expected to react appropriately and think that everything is just as funny as she is and sometimes when my husband gets home I seriously ask him

Are my ears bleeding? Please check my ears. I think we should find me an ENT. I feel broken.

And he assures me that I am going to make it and I remind myself that this time is fleeting and that I should really enjoy it and seize the day and so on and so forth and so I remind myself and I write about it on the blog so that one day I will remember these days and look back and miss them.

She is sound asleep still so I am going to go and enjoy a simple discussion about the Imagination Movers with my two younger ones to prep for whatever we will be discussing today and you know what I can honestly say in the quiet of this moment?

I am looking forward to it. 

We will see what I have to say by 8:00 tonight