Monday, February 4, 2013

A Blast From the Past - why playing in the toilet is awesome!

I wrote this post in October of 2008. My kids would have been 2,4 and 6.

Ahhhh the good old days

By the B Squared (Baby Boy)

Age 2

Well - first off - the toilet itself is AWESOME

A. it's forbidden
B. it has working parts and gadgets like this great flusher and a lid that if you use all of your super human toddler strength you can maybe get off
C. it is filled with water!!!!! I mean - really how great can one thing be?

THEN you get caught playing in it and three awesome things happen...

1. Your Mom makes this great gasping choking sound of horror. Don't be afraid first timers - it might be a little scary at first but it is so funny to see her thrown so far off her game - the reaction itself is well worth the crime.

2. Then while she is freaking out going to find something called disinfectant and something else called a plunger - you get to stand at a stool at the sink and play with - wait for it - more water! Only this stuff is warm and soapy - so great.

3. Finally you get stripped out of your clothes (something about germs and poop and stomach virus's - I am not sure) and you get to run around having some nekky time because by now your sisters have dismantled Mommy's sewing machine and she has run out of time to finish dealing with you.

All in all - an experience I highly recommend.

Yours Truly

The B Squared