Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pin there, done that!

Have you seen this pin?

I am having to just retype it here but I go look at the actual pin and follow Alicia on pinterest and on her blog because I heart her and she has tons of great ideas and pins. Anyway, she pinned this one that says


Where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don't exist, and decorate homes we can't afford.

Now here is another one - actual pin here that I think is so funny and great:

Things I've learned from Pinterest

1. People like Nutella... a lot

2. Mustaches are still popular

3. This place is crawling with grammar police

4. Anything cute and fuzzy will be repinned.

5. Haters gonna hate

6. Fattening goodies are EVERYWHERE! (along with a lot of fitness inspiration....hmmmm)

7. People like Bacon.... a lot

8. Once you log on... you can never log off

9. Girls will always love pink, glitter, diamonds and anything else that sparkles.

10. There's a whole lot of "to do" lists that aren't getting done.

11. Pinning makes you feel creative and artsy even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body

What I'm still trying to figure out.....

How can I make a career out of being a "professional pinner"?

Thanks Wendy Russell for that one.

Now I know that you are wondering when I am going to finally get to my point. I actually do have a point and I am going to state it here.

I heart pinterest


I want to ACTUALLY do some of the fantastic stuff that I pin. Not just have another time sucker on the computer. (Cuz you know I really need another one of those.....)

So here goes:

I called up that Mimi, mother of yours truly, senior computing wiz and a blogger herself (go check out her blog for boomers and seniors HERE) and said, "Hey Ma, I need a button." (She really hearts it when I call her Ma I think). Anyway, I love what we came up with and here it goes.....


Now my goal for my new button is I am going to try to post pictures and/or pins of stuff that I ACTUALLY did from pinterest. I was kicking around starting one of those meme's like Kelly's Korner or one of the popular girls do but I am not sure if I can handle the rejection if no one links up so I guess we will see if we catch on. Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for the first ever installment of



Amy Jo:) said...

I would link up! I know I never blog, but I have made quite a few things I have pinned and would like to blog about them - it might just be the push I need:) You make a linky and I'll do it! :) said...

ok Amy! Get your post ready and I will put a linky up tomorrow :)

Computer Savvy Seniors said...

Ma is perfect--like you!