Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pin there, done that! Valentines Day Edition

So I have to say that this picture right here is exactly why I love pinterest and blogs and how to sites. The looks on their faces say it all and everything that I did was so simple and so cheap but because I was inspired and it did not seem overwhelming, I made the effort to make Valentines Day really special this year and it was so I am so excited!

My girls getting off the bus to find Valentines Day balloons tied to the front porch.

Yep - that's it - Valentines Day balloons
(By the way - did you know that the Dollar Tree sells mylar balloons now?)
Yep - for three dollars - you too can buy those smiles.
Who knew?

Now for the purposes of this post I am not going to link back to each original pin because my time of peace this morning is coming to a close - quickly - oh my was that a crash?


The how to's for all of these are in my Holiday board on pinterest. If they are not there than it was just my idea and probably doesn't need a how to - like the balloons.

For our Daddy I picked him up a book from BJ's. He reads a lot but always on his ipad. I feel like it is good for our kids to see Daddy with an actual book in his hand plus I am a big library, used book store girl so I just love the feel of a brand new book. I also got him some packs of gum - he is a gum guy and we made him his card.

Around the outside of the heart made with paint and three little kid hands it says
Happy Valentines Day Daddy. We love you very much. Love all three kids and most of all Mommy.
This was the table set up for the girls after school. I bought them a pretzel making kit and they thought that was the best present EVER. 7 bucks at BJ's for a healthy after school snack and I was a hero. Once again
Who Knew?
I just cut out hearts and made a little path from the front door to their surprise.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy
Now for Valentines I let each child go through my pins and choose what they wanted. This was the Valentine that my son chose for his preschool class.
Here are the three getting ready to head out on their V-Day.
This was what I sent to school in the girls lunches. (You know - with leftover Halloween candy because that is how I roll.)
I made this for all of the teachers, bus driver etc. Man that popcorn recipe was tasty tasty goodness. I used the cherry valentines M&M's and whoa - good.
These are my first grader's Valentines. She chose one for the boys and one for the girls. Total cost 4 dollars in glow sticks plus cardstock I already had and a little ink.
Here are my fourth graders valentines. She also chose one for boys and one for girls. Now here is my recommendation on this one. Those alligators were a pain in the neck but guess what - not for me! She was big enough to just give the project and let her have at it. I do not recommend that one for little kids unless you want to do all the work. The crayons turned out remarkably well but once you use one of those little rubbery heart things for crayons it will become a crayon cooker for life - no going back.

It was a fun, easy, cheap Valentines day. I snapped pictures with my iphone along the way and I am just now posting but I am excited for Easter this year. Last year at Easter time we moved and I just wasn't in to it. I completely flubbed Easter. Flubbed I tell you Flubbed and I don't use that word lightly. We will see how I do this year.




Foursons said...

Wow, you did great! I went to Walmart and let the boys pick out a box of Valentines and taped some Blow Pops to them. My kids are sooooo deprived. said...

Such fun!! These are great ideas. Doey and I were just talking about how these posts make our day! Mimi