Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little Timeline

So here is a little timeline of the last year here at the Bowheads household (ya'll do know that our actual last name is not Bowheads - right? One day I need to tell the Baylor Bowhead story - any hoo - that is another post for another day - and the only "I digress" in this whole blog post which I believe is a new Bowheads blog record but anyway......)

Week before Thanksgiving 2010: Husband to wife:

"so Babe, what do you think about Massachusetts?"

Company flies husband to Georgia to interview. Company offers husband job. Husband says,

"Well - can I go look at Massachusetts?"

First week of December: Husband gone in Massachusetts. Husband accepts job. Birthday party weekend, Christmas festivities, Husband and wife farm kids out and fly to MA for a 24 hour whirlwind shopping trip. We find the little yellow house which is it's own little story and place a contingency offer on it on the way to the airport after having only been in it for 10 minutes.

Week after Christmas: Install beautiful new granite counters in Texas house and get ready to sell. (One day I will actually have granite counter tops in a house that I am going to live in - until then - at least I know how nice they are for short periods of time;)

January 5: Husband begins work in Massachusetts. Wife remains in Texas with three children and house on the market.

February: 28 days - 4 of them with Daddy.

Mommy is starting to appreciate Daddy more.

March: Still on the market. Husband still flying back and forth between states. Kids are not in any sports or activities because we have no idea when we are moving.

Mommy is starting to get a little bit closer to the edge.

April: A decision is made that no matter what we are moving April 15th and then basically right after we make that decision we get a very low offer on the house. Very low.

We take the offer

April 15th: Move entire family to Massachusetts

May 21st: First houseguests arrive

Memorial Day Weekend: Head to Cape Cod for soccer tournament. Pretty much loved being able to say - "so what are you doing for the holiday weekend? Oh we are headed to the Cape."

June: Discover importance of window air conditioning units. More house guests arrive.

July: Fourth of July camping, trip to New Hampshire, birthday party weekend

August: Oldest gets pneumonia, more house guests arrive, 2 weeks in Disney with Grandma, Hurricane Irene, school starts

September: Trip to Texas for Sister in Laws wedding, birthday party weekend, all team sports start up, soccer tournament in New Hampshire, Applefest

October: House guest, sports all in full swing, Houseguest, massive freak snowstorm that shuts down the town for days, Halloween is rescheduled

November: Recover from massive freak snow storm and losing power for 4 days, Halloween and Thanksgiving

December: Birthday party weekend, husband traveling, stomach virus, husband traveling, heading back to Texas - flying on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

I am grateful for this wild and crazy year and all that we have learned and experienced but my secret wish for 2012.......

To Be Bored

We will just have to wait and see.....................