Sunday, December 4, 2011

Channeling my inner Michelle Duggar

So this is a post about me -

Not The Duggars

I realize that the Duggars can be a topic of conversation and that people have many opinions on them. For the purposes of this post I am not going to hop up on my soapbox. Because you see - I could really hop up on my

To each his own
Live and let live

They have a story to tell let them tell it


But I won't.

Love them or hate them - you gotta admit that Michelle Duggar has a certain parenting style. She has this sweet little voice and she never raises it.

Now I am also a BIG believer in the fact that the children (and really your husband) should know not only that you have an edge but also that you can be driven pretty close to it at any given time. They should really all fear that - just a little bit - in the back of their heads.

I do think that shouting is like crying - the more you do it - the more you want to do it. I think that stands for both children and adults.

As my children have reached the ripe old ages of 9,7, and 5 - I have found myself using more of a grown up voice with them. You know - an irritated, cross, slightly raised, grown up kind of voice.

Guess what - they started getting cross right back and before I knew it - the children and I were shouting at each other.

So I knew that I was the one to fix it and I started to channel my inner Michelle Duggar. Now I already have a couple of voices in my bag of tricks.

I have my stern Kindergarten teacher voice.

"Oh MY friends - are you making good choices?"

I have my slightly high, a little hysterical, get young children to do things voice.


I also have my Grandma from the bronx voice.

"Oh I am very disappointed." (Picture a coffee talk kind of accent)

Well - I decided I needed to add another voice. I told myself:

"Self - you gotta reach down inside of you and find that sweet voice even when you feel like shouting


So I added a voice and it is called my inner Michelle Duggar. It is a very sweet and calm voice and I actually have to tell myself (inside my head of course - don't want to get committed or anything with all the "hey selfs")

"Self - you can do this - no matter what - you use a calm and sweet voice."


It totally works - totally. I have actually seen my 9 year old stop herself before she gets upset and channel her inner Michelle Duggar even though she doesn't realize that is what she is doing. It almost always takes the heat out of a room when I drench it with a nice cool Michelle Duggar voice and you want to know the best part? The very best part?

If you are trying to channel your inner Michelle Duggar but you are having trouble hanging onto it so it is Michelle Duggar that is a little bit close to the edge. You know Michelle Duggar a little bit strained?

The children will feel just a tiny bit afraid that this time they might have pushed it a little too far and maybe this time they broke the Mommy.

And really - nobody wants that.



Kristen said...

While I enjoyed reading it and I can relate in many ways, I think this post would mean a lot more to me if I knew who Michelle Duggar was.
I am SO out of touch sometimes.
However, I get your drift and I love your ending. Broke the Mommy--NOOOooooooooooo!