Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ramblings of a slightly more pulled together than last week person

So - as I have gone through this week - I keep having thoughts pop in my head

"that would be good to blog about"

"I need to remember to type that"

"oh that is a post in itself"

And then life and boxes and three kids and new schedules come along and the thoughts never make it to my computer.

So - here it comes in bullet format - some ramblings of me:

* Before I left for MA I had SO many people tell me how rude everyone here was going to be to me. I would literally have strangers, friends, librarians, my Walgreens lady - pretty much a lot of people express the opinion of how miserable I would be here. They would tell me how lonely I would be and how rude New Englanders are and how no one would help me out - at all.

Well - let me just tell you - people here are great! I am really not sure why people have to be so negative about big life changes (surely I have gone on and on somewhere on the bowheads blog about how before I got married people were telling me stories about husbands leaving their wives on the alter or hooking up on the honeymoon. Don't even get me started on the baby stories that people told me before each delivery. I guess people just like to have a story of their own to share and often times the horror stories are the most interesting? I don't know but it is an interesting component of human nature that I have been un - officially studying.

Anyway - I digress - as usual

People here could not be nicer. I did not have a neighbor even acknowledge my move into my house in Texas but here - I have been getting plants and brownies and muffins and people dropping by to offer tools and help with directions etc.

I have had more friendly interactions with more friendly people than I can count and I really do appreciate that!

* New Englanders are pushier drivers - I do have to say that. The kids and I are pretty much getting the hang of hanging on and jumping in. The Roach Coach is none the worse for wear so far so that is good.

* Trader Joes is wholesome, tasty, affordable goodness - enough said. I love it there. I wanted to just sit in the aisle and hang out for a while.

* I went into town to go to the butcher yesterday - how freaking charming is that?

* Having a four-year-old as my constant companion with absolutely no nap, no preschool, no babysitter is going to be a bit of a blogging challenge. He has actually been a very good little guy and he and I have had a great time exploring the neighborhood.

This moment of blogging is brought to you by the television program - Caillou

* I love hearing everyone talk about how hot it is here right now. I think it got to 75 one day? Maybe?

* I was pretty excited to leave Texas and the mosquito and yellow jacket situation. Pretty much a bummer to come to the herd of locusts and fly situation that they have going on here - that reminds me - I gotta go buy off. Someone did tell me that the ants don't bite but the flies do - awesome.

* Craigslist is such a blessing and a curse. I sold one thing to a very nice lady buying furniture for her son going off to Cambridge. I also bought the cutest desk that fits this room PERFECTLY from a very nice man on Craigslist who actually brought it to me because he lives in the neighborhood. Both blessings. The strange, creepy, soliciting, I am buying from out of state, have a princess in Indonesia who needs a check for a million dollars emails - kind of a curse.

* I got my camera strap and lens cap holder from I will give it it's own review and pictures because - oh my goodness the cuteness - I can hardly stand it. I did have to go ahead and give them a shout out and say GO CHECK THEM OUT! I do not know how I lived without that strap or holder. LOVE LOVE LOVE - CLICK CLICK CLICK

Anyway - that's all she right for today - signing out!


Bethany said...

I'm a big fan of MA. I lived there for a year when I nannied and it was fantastic. I miss it so much!

Foursons said...

Is Boston included in New England? 'Cause if so I absolutely loved that city and would move there in a heartbeat. And the people were so INCREDIBLY nice. Glad you're enjoying your new home.

Megan said...

HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY! Picture me running accross a field... in slow motion ... to hug you! Or just walking by and high fiving... whatever... :)

How are you my friend? I enjoyed this post of rambling... I, too, am very far behind in blog land... life gets busy!

Much love... just wanted to say I've missed you!