Friday, April 15, 2011

A MA Update

So I am typing on my phone so no fun fonts or spacing tonight folks.

It's ok - I don't mind pausing while you get over your disappointment.


Here is what I have learned since being in MA

* I really love having my family back together again - total total total plus

* I have pretty good kids who are handling this very well

* I am going to be lost - all the time

* You know how they say how stinking charming New England is? Guess what - it is so stinking charming. I have used that word more in the last 24 hours than I did all last year. I have now resorted to exclamations of

"how charming is that?"

"could that get any more charming?"

"uh hello - charming!"

You think I joke - but I seriously keep saying that. My kids think I am trying to hammer home a new vocabulary word and I am
pretty sure my husband thinks I
have just lost my mind.

* Speaking of him - husband - I really do love him. He makes me laugh so hard - I mean - church giggle, stomach hurting, belly laugh, kind of hard. I am a fan of that husband - pure and simple - a big fan.

* No one has been mean to me yet and as far as I can tell - no one has made fun of my strange, backward, Texas ways.

* I am really looking forward to getting all of my stuff back tomorrow although we have already figured out at least 3 pieces of Texas sized furniture that are not going to fit in my Massachusetts sized house.

* It is time for me to sleep!

More tomorrow as the adventure continues!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forwardto all your comments so I can experience this new chapter with you I am so excited for you please keep me
up to date Love Doeyh

Foursons said...

Good to hear you are enjoying your new home so much. I'm a bit jealous of your adventures but I do love my TX too.