Saturday, January 1, 2011

The post in which she actually types and a big announcement!

Well Happy New Year everyone!

I am not going to lie

I have been in the weeds!

Things have been a little crazy around here at I Heart Bowheads and my computer time has been really lacking.

Gasp - I have not even really been playing Farmville. (Do you remember this post where I defended my beloved game?)

Anyway - I have not had any free time - at all!

You wanna know why?

I mean - you are saying to yourself - "Self, why does she write like this? When is she going to get to the point. Why am I talking to myself? Wow - I wonder if I caught the talking to myself bug from reading Holly's blog? Good grief - I am still talking to myself."

and so on and so forth

Anyway - right now - The Bowheads Family lives quite happily here in

Well guess what - The Bowheads Daddy's job wants him to be in

So - we are moving. We are redoing the kitchen, boxing up all our stuff - moving! Husband and I went to MA for a whirlwind trip and we found the perfect house. It really is the perfect house and we are so excited and so in love with it that we are now on a mission to sell our house here so that we don't lose the perfect house there.....

Plus we have three kids
and it was just the holidays
and well you know -
That should explain the blogging hiatus. Forgive me my bloggy friends.

I do have to say that moving provides such good blog fodder that I am not going to have to think up anything new for weeks and weeks!

Stay tuned for lots about moving, funny things that people and kids say, kitchen remodels and lots lots more. (That just got very game showy on me - I could backspace and fix it but well - the peaceful moment that had me start this blog post has now faded into a much less peaceful moment and I find myself needing to wrap it up. Yet - somehow I continue typing..... stop Holly stop. You can do it!)

I will leave you with this final thought (really it is a vent on my part but anyway here goes)

If one more person tells me that it is cold in Massachusetts or informs me condescendingly that it costs more to live there - I might take the weeks of having the same conversation over and over again out on the unsuspecting person who is good heartedly telling me what are apparently the only two commonly known and discussed hard facts about Massachusetts and I really don't want that to happen to you so here goes

I know that it is cold in MA.

I also know that the cost of living is higher.

Appreciate ya

Let's talk about something else. I would love to hear any other interesting facts or funny anecdotes aside from those two.

PHEW that felt awesome to get off my back. Awesome.

Love you guys!


Foursons said...

Wow, big change! And ya know- where the cost of living is higher so is the pay. So whatever. If people realized how little we earn in TX they'd never want to move here.

Lisa said...

The only thing I know about MA is I don't know how to pronounce it. :( I've tried and I can't do it. Totally embarrassing.
Good luck with the move and renovations and all that stuff.

Kathleen said...

Good luck with everything Holly! You are going to love Mass - I look forward to keeping tuned into your adventure via FB and your sweet blog :0) Happy New Year to you all!!