Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dress for where you are going

This Sunday, Pastor Rusty (yes - my Pastor's name is Rusty - I honestly think the only name that could possibly be more awesome for a Pastor is Skip or possibly Dutch - not sure why but that is just the way my random brain works)

That is neither here nor there

Back to the point............

Pastor Rusty gave an example of a time that he was dressed in a tuxedo heading to a wedding and needed to get gas. He was in South Carolina and had to pull into the little dusty gas station dressed to the nines. He was dressed for where he was going but he was uncomfortable where he was. He has talked a lot lately about being different, being purple, not being afraid to stand out, not being afraid to be uncomfortable and his words so hit home for me.

I feel uncomfortable

I feel torn

I am so sad to leave the Nouns in my life.

Now you say (because you have been reading my blog for way too long and you now say to yourself on a regular basis) "self - what is the matter with Holly? Does she take a random pill? Where do these things come from? Once again - why am I talking to myself? Why is she sad about Nouns?"

Well - glad you asked

I am sad about the Nouns. I am sad to leave the people, places, and things that I love. Moving is scary. Moving is hard.

But also I am SO ready to move. I do not like being separated from my Husband. We figured out that at the end of next week, I will have spent more days away from him than I have since I was 22 years old. (Just in case you were wondering - I was 22 a LooooooNG time ago)

I am ready to move but sad to go

I want to be dressed for where I am going but I also need to be dressed for where I am

I am in limbo

Limbo is not easy but you know what you can do a lot of in limbo?


play with your kids

take as many opportunities as possible to get together with the people that you love that you will soon leave when you leave Limbo


keep your house perfectly cleaned in case someone wants to come and buy it and take you out of limbo

Be patient

Now - I know that this has been basically the longest post every but I have to end with this.

I can just see My Savior smile as I have this conversation with him

"Dear Jesus - I love, appreciate, and trust you completely. I know that you have this entire situation well in hand. I have so much to be grateful for and I really am. If I could just ask one little favor. Could you just go ahead and let me know what is going to happen? I just need to know an exact date and preferably all of the details.


And you know what he says to me every time.

"Holly - it has not been that long - you need to be patient. Just be patient."

I swear I can hear him whisper in my ear - over and over and over again.