Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year - A New Cupcake!


OK so feel free to go check out the original cupcake post to get the background on where the cupcakes came from but let me answer some frequently asked questions.

What is a Cupcake?

Anyone that is going to work hard to change THEIR own body. Only you look in the mirror each day. Only you can push yourself to be your best. Not for your husband, not for your family, not for your children, not for your BFF's but for YOU. Cupcakes are strong, powerful, beautiful, love their families and LOVE THEMSELVES! Cupcakes push themselves and push one another because remember - it all started with "Toughen up Cupcake - you're not the only fat chick in the gym!!!!!!"

Can I be a Cupcake?

YES! Being a Cupcake is a lifestyle change, a way of life, a mindset, and a sisterhood.

How is this Cupcake doing?

GREAT! So - Part of the reason that I have decided to post on the blog (for all 76 of my wonderful readers and my Mom to read) is that I think that accountability is really really really important. I started the journey with a BFF Cupcake who has literally changed my life. You need support, you need accountability and you need to REALLY look yourself and your muffin top in the mirror and face up to who you are and what is going on with your body.

I started 2009 170 pounds

I started 2010 155 pounds (after the holidays mind you - the lowest number I saw all year was 148)

My goal is to start 2011 140 pounds.

Attainable, achievable realistic goals.

I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So - long story short (or long story longer as my friend Christine says), in order to get to this next goal, I am going to try as much as possible, to use the blog to help me keep track of how I am doing.

Because this post is so long I am going to just sum up this week so far:

* started using my new heart rate monitor and wearing it all day to see how many calories I really do burn in a day

At this point I will go ahead and confess that I saw a scary number on the scale on January 3rd

* Day 1 - CRT class - in the dictionary under butt kicking there is a picture of me taking this class. :) It was good and I burned 500 calories before my heart rate monitor that I did not have strapped on right fell off - yes - busted off of me with a snap.

* Day 2 - Master Swim - Total Calorie burn for the day 2030 - YUMMY chicken potato dinner. I will ramble on in another post about my "diet".

Saw 155.2 on the scale again at this point - thank goodness!!!!!

* Day 3 - Kickbox Jam - really not my thing. There are many many adjectives that describe me but words like hip, cool, funky are really not some of them. I ws so lost that I was not hitting my calorie burn so we left a little early and I ran on the treadmill for a minute to get my heartrate up. Total calorie burn for the day - 2553!!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!

I am going to try and figure out a good way to update my calorie burns etc without having to post daily updates - or I might post daily updates - I dunno - we will have to see.

Well - time to quit typing now!

More tomorrow!



Happy Campers said...

You've gained a Cupcake :) I'm curious about your total calorie burn for the to do you measure that? Please tell me you are not at the gym burning 2000 calories...that would take me HOURS!