Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Texas Weather - again

I guess since my last letter to you was somewhat negative, I should send you a brief thank you.

Thank you for this in January......

So that she can do this (soccer practice) outside in shorts.....

And they can do this as long as they want!

Please do not be surprised if you get another ugly letter next week. I will start being consistent with you web you start being consistent with me!



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Foursons said...

This last week has been GORGEOUS! The nasty weather is supposed to return by Thursday- just in time for the weekend around here.

Shelley said...

Florida has been just about as bad. We had a 500 dollar light bill for that 11 day freezing cold snap that we had. Then a week of lovely mild weather and now back to cold again. Yeesh, make up it's mind already.

Sage said...

Where I live we are having Snow today; Very anxious for January to be in the past.