Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Argyle Police Blotter

No joke - actual summary of incident reports recently made to the staff of Argyle Police Department and published in the Cross Timbers Gazette.
An officer spotted a vehicle weaving between lanes on Hwy 377. After stopping the vehicle for a possible DWI, the officer noted that the driver was paing more attention to her Whataburger than to her driving. No charges were filed.
A caller reported that his car was hit by a black cow at the 900 block of Old Justin Road. Police were unable to locate the errant cow.
Police investigated a report that a bull was stuck in a fence along I-35W and determined that it was leaning over the fence to eat. Two days later, a smilar call cae in from the same area with the same outcome.
A woman wanted to file a complaint against another motorist for "flipping" her off on FM 407.
How great are these??????????? I am going to have to keep up with this every week!


Liz said...

There are some funny stuff in there.