Saturday, December 15, 2012

See - here is the thing - I CAN imagine.

You see - the bowheads blog and I go way back.

We have good times and bad times
Busy times and slow times

I tend to stay pretty low key

and I don't tend to be controversial. 

I would also say that my biggest audience is my family and Facebook friends so it is not as though my ramblings are far reaching. 

I do feel like I need to pause - just for one second - and acknowledge the horrible thing that happened this week. 

I keep hearing and reading people say the word "unimaginable". 

The thing is - I can imagine. 

On Friday I was called out of a Kindergarten class that I was subbing in to take my sick second grader home. I hugged them and explained that I was so sorry and that I am a teacher but I am also a Mommy and my child needed me. They all nodded sagely and squeezed me tight and promised to carry on with their day and I was chorused out of the door with shouts of 


And I went on my way. 

So you see - I can imagine a class of Kindergartners.

That afternoon my own Kindergartner got off of the bus and he ran and threw his arms around my neck and said 
"Oh Momma - I missed you so."
and I thought
"Oh my God. I can imagine." 

So you see - my heart is broken just like yours. I can't watch the news and I can't stand Facebook right now. (Cuz that is what we should all do in light of a terrible tragedy - post a bunch of political propaganda. Please read my distaste between every single word of that last sentence.)

I hate to say it but scares tend to make me a better Mom. Today I sat on the floor and searched through a bin of toys for a lost beyblade with a smile on my face. 

I played the same board game 3,784 times in a 24 hour period and I didn't even grumble. 

What is hilarious is that I started typing this post when 

thud thud thud 

I heard little Fred Flintstone feet coming up the stairs. 

My Kindergartner needed me and I grinned and did a big fake sigh and said, 
"Man - I was in the middle of a thought! What if I forget it?" 

He actually said the words (and no I am not making this up for the purpose of this post) 

"Come on Momma - what is more important? That or Me? 

My answer?

"You Buddy. There is nothing more important than you." 

Because you see my friends. 

I can imagine

and that is why I have to turn off my TV and unplug my computer and love my family because there is simply no other way to be able to sleep at night in times like these.