Friday, December 21, 2012

A break from Facebook and how it might help the bowheads blog

So I have written about Facebook on the blog before. If you want you can go here and I talk about being a stay at home Mom and Farmville (which I miss and have no time for at the moment) here.

Anyhoo - I enjoy Facebook. I managed to make it through the election without having a complete and total nervous breakdown and thought that she (I don't know why but I think of Facebook as a she) anyway she and I were going to cruise into a nice holiday.

Then something awful happened. Something really awful happened that I don't want to talk about. I mean - I am truly incapable of talking about it. I addressed it once here and then decided as I said at the end of that post that I needed to move on for the sake of my sanity and mental well being. I just can't dwell on it.

Hence my problem with Facebook because Facebook is not dropping it. Not only that but Facebook has gone political and ugly and depressing. Facebook can't let it go and that is fine. That is Facebook's choice. It is my choice to look or not to look.

Now - I am not going to lie to you people. It was actually a little tougher than I thought to cold turkey Facebook. I look at it from my phone and it turns out that I do that a lot

until recently. 

Now also don't get me wrong - I am not giving it up for forever. I mean - I am not crazy - my birthday is coming up and we ALL know that there is nothing better than your birthday on Facebook.
That is just good clean fun right there. 

I also don't want to miss keeping up with my friends and family who are far away. Plus how would I know if it was a snow day or if the garbage man is not coming or if there a power outage or something?

I am just taking a little break. (Except of course to log on and post this post because hey - 15 out of my 16 readers are my Facebook friends. Once again - I am not crazy or stupid. Just a little tender right now.)

Now that I have rambled for a while I will tell you why it might be good for the blog. I think that I have been using up some of my best material on Facebook and now I can put it right here! Hooray for Bowheads!!!!

So here are some of my status updates that I jotted down on a notebook instead of jotting down on FB.

Frito pie and Chardonnay - dinner of champions
Incidentally - I am horrified at how many children here in Massachusetts have no idea what Frito Pie is. I am on a mission to rectify that situation one child at a time. 

It shouldn't be funny but there is nothing funnier than a fat pug slipping and sliding on the icy deck. I laughed so hard I snorted. 

Marriage bonding experience #98,378,543 - sitting on the floor of the kitchen together sifting through garbage searching for a retainer covered in ravioli.