Saturday, April 14, 2012

One year ago today

The five of us got on a plane

Goodbye Texas

Hello New England

Everyone told us how cold we were gonna be all the time which in some ways is true

However - we are rarely ever hot and we are really enjoying all of our new experiences.

Everyone told us how mean New Englanders are.

We have learned that is so untrue. We are surrounded by kind, giving, and funny people.

I am thankful to be settled. One year later I remember moments like THIS and I think phew - how did I survive that?

Moving when you have children is in many ways so easy because you are immediately thrust into circles of people. You find a church/preschool/soccer team/elementary school/swim lesson/gym/I could keep going on and on but who really wants to read that and yet I still continue typing so I guess I will just stop and say - and bam. People will learn your name.

We miss our family and we miss our friends but we really do love it here.

I love that my dry cleaner and two librarians and the two ladies who ring me up at the local store and the butcher know my name and smile at me when I walk in.

I love that people stop to talk to me while I am out front mulching.

I love that I feel like I am getting my act back together again.

I love that I don't have any time to blog because I am so busy living life with my kids and my husband.

I love that we FINALLY have MA license plates on both cars. Here is an interesting tidbit for you - MA won't allow you to have your front windows tinted as dark as they can be tinted in Texas. This makes for a great delay in what is already a looooooong process to get yourself in good standing with the DMV (although they don't call it DMV here - something else I can't remember).

Well when I start to ramble it is time to wrap the post up but that would involve having a way to wrap the post up and since I feel a little rusty with the whole blogging thing I will just say

Hope YA'LL have a WICKED cool weekend!