Monday, October 24, 2011

So tonight I was sitting.....

On a big comfy couch

in front of a fire

with two little children on either side of me in soft pajamas

They smelled like Nutella

We really love Nutella around here


They were so soft and sweet and smelly good.

I had a third child at my feet reading a novel with her head against my leg.

I thought to myself

I want to freeze this moment.

I want to never ever forget the way that this feels and smells.

This is


Then someone elbowed me in the eye and the child at my feet asked me for the 900th time TODAY if I remembered to buy jello from the grocery store and I thought to myself

What on earth is the matter with the people that write these ridiculous Strawberry Shortcake books? Don't they realize that these are CHILDREN's books? How long is this thing? I think I got through War and Peace faster than this! Good grief I need someone to come and take me out of my misery here. Surely this is almost over......

oh but I do still want to remember that moment - the one right before all of that happened

Parenthood is such a contradictory thing isn't it? Happens too fast - drags on like torture all in the exact same moment.

Lucky I have a blog to think about that kind of stuff on