Sunday, October 30, 2011

Portrait of a big Snowstorm in October

So - I know that those of you who do not live in New England are probably going - "snowstorm shnowstorm - quit your whining - you live in Massachusetts!"

The problem with this particular snow storm is it messes with the natural order of the universe. You see - the leaves change color, then they fall off the trees, then the snows come. Pretty much how it normally works I have been told.

What happened here is a whole big fat stinking bunch of very wet snow came very fast and landed on all of the trees that were still full of leaves.

Then those trees broke.

A lot of them.

It seriously sounded like bombs going off last night.

All night.

I should really be napping.

Anyhow - here are some pics. We are all safe. No power and we are literally trapped in our neighborhood by downed trees and power lines. We lost a lot of branches but nothing hit the main structure of the house.

Halloween should be interesting.


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Foursons said...

Are you using your backporch as a refrigerator?

The snow is gorgeous, I bet it's so exciting for the kids! (Wearing a jacket on Halloween would be a bummer though.)