Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello my friends!!!! I am back!!!!

Yes - I know - you have been missing out on the witty wisdom and wise words of a frazzled housewife and sporadic blogger. I have missed you as well!!!!!

We went on a BIG vacation. We were on a Disney cruise for 5 nights and then Disney World for 6 days. Yep - me, Husband, three kids and my Mother in Law. You gasp? No - it was great! I have so much blogging material stored up in my head I might explode so for the next little bit I have a few Mommaviews left to post and then I am going to give you a real Mom's eye view of both a Disney cruise and Disney. Not the cheesy Mom that thinks everything is perfect and doesn't sweat on the Disney website but a REAL Mom's view - down in the trenches kind of thing. ;)

I have missed you all and will be heading out to check on all of my blogging buddies exploits ASAP so watch out - here I come!!!!! ( Leave me a comment if you are reading this because I always click on those blogs first.;)


Foursons said...

Hahaha. I'm commenting first so come visit me! :D Totally kidding. I look forward to hearing of your trip, so like tons of fun!

Emmy said...

Now that sounds like it was fun and crazy as well any vacation with kids are :) Can't wait to hear the full report.

Rachel said...

Ohmygosh - you lucky duck! And blogworthy vacations are always the best! :)