Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something wicked this way has come......

Something came home from school today

Something that personifies childhood

Something that my 9 year old was very excited about.

Let me just tell you - it has been in my house for 4 hours and the novelty has worn off for the rest of us.

Can't guess?

Let me tell you.

Horror of all horrors

Yep - a recorder.

My initial thought (when I willingly forked over the 5 bucks for it) was - oh cute. I remember that!!!!!!

My second thought (5 minutes later) was - man - I gotta call my Mom.

My four year old said on more than one occasion this afternoon.....

"Mommy, please make it stop. Please."

Wikipedia tells us

"The sound of the recorder is remarkably clear and sweet, partly because of the lack of upper harmonics and predominance of odd harmonics in the sound."

Now forgive me for being indelicate here dear readers but my final word on this subject is

"remarkably clear and sweet"

My Rear End!


Generations said...

I remember this clearly, Hawdy! I can hardly wait to hear her play.