Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Words Have Weight

So I have been talking a lot with my kids about the phrase

Your Words Have Weight

My middle child asked the first time I said it to her.....

"so they have to be patient???????"

No baby - not wait - weight - they are heavy.

Your words have meaning.
What you say counts.
The words you choose can change the people around you.

They can make someone feel so good
or so very very bad.

Then my 8 year old says (now just being silly)

"So - they could squish you?"

4 year old boy now chimes in

"yeah squish you - hee hee"

I grin and we moved on. I have mentioned it on a couple of occasions but that was the biggest conversation. It happened probably a month ago.

Tonight - I was in the middle of a big pep talk for my 8 year old girl. When I finished I said

"Does that make sense my ladybug?"

She said

"Yes, Mommy - your words are the perfect weight."


Brie said...

I think my heart just burst into a million pieces. That was so simple and touching. <3

Krajcimama said...

Awww ~ how sweet! :)

It's wonderful when you know they are listening to you and even making an effort to understand.

Toyin O. said...

parents words are weighty! Great post.