Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 things about me

So this is my pretty new award....... (Look, isn't it shiny and nice?)
Given to me by this awesome blogger........ (who I am copying and pasting her nice compliment here:
Holly at I Heart Bowheads – Don’t you just love that blog name?! Holly is a fellow DFW blogger who makes me smile, chuckle, and sometimes full out snort laugh.
- because - um, I want to)
and these are the 7 things about me that I can think of really quickly on the fly, with a four year old boy coloring next to me (not sure how long that will last) and wearing only one slipper because Penelope the Pug just took off with the other one that I need to run and find......

1. I should TOTALLY be cleaning right now.

2. I am getting way to old to type things like all caps TOTALLY

3. That is a very bad pug

4. I really love that 4 year old boy - he is a good little guy and I am glad that I get to keep him and watch him grow up.

5. I have to take my 6 year old's lunch up to school in a bit because I did not put it on the counter and the mean ladies in the office are going to look at me condescendingly and mutter something under their breath. I wonder if on the application to work in the front office of an elementary school it says that you need to be a tight nit click, and a little bitchy? (scuse my language but sometimes , if the word fits - you gotta wear it)

6. I am VERY excited about fall weather but with a high of 72 next week, I really need to find all of my sweatshirts since I am pretty much freezing at that temperature.

7. I think that each parent should have to take a class entitled "the fine art of navigating the parking lot of your child's school" before they are allowed to pick them up. I know it does not seem like rocket science but you would be surprised how much trouble some people have with it. Here are a couple of hints:
* kiss them BEFORE you leave the house
* I like watching them walk in also - do it as you are slowly carefully pulling forward
* if they cannot unbuckle themselves, um park and do it there - seriously do you get out of your car at the drive through at a fast food joint? No. Well don't do it at school - you are slowing the works down.

I could go on and on but the pug has my other slipper now and I have not even given an award away yet so......

I award Megan at Sweet Sadie Marie and Julie at My Four Sons because - no matter I how busy I am, what I am up to. I always click on over to them and I think that says something about their blogs!


Foursons said...

Thank you so much! I'm humbled that you take so much time for my blog. I so super busy this week w/work, but I hope to get back to things next week. I'll try to fit this on my things to do!

Megan said...

You are so stinking good to me. I'm excited to write this post & pass the love on.

{I love your blog too!}

Avante Garde Parenting said...

72? Really? I just checked because I didn't believe you, but sure enough, you were right...crazy!

Megan said...

Okay... I posted! Much love to you, my friend!