Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Good News and the Bad News

Yes - this is allergy testing - yes - it was terrible - yes - it was over quickly - yes she cried - hard - yes - I was sick to my stomach and I hated hated hated that she had to go through it


you know what?????????
She is allergic to NOTHING and is now on two less medications than we were going in. I am now the proud of mother of an asthmatic - not an asthmatic and a child with allergies.

I guess we all gotta take the good with the bad!


Always a Southern Girl said...

on my, seeing that picture brought back memories for me. I remember going through all that horrible testing too. So glad that she isn't allergic to anything and therefore doesn't have to take allergy shots!

The Novelista Barista said...

oh jesus... i didnt know allergy testing was like that.... :(
im glad she isnt allergic to anything

blessedintexas said...

Hey lady, I feel for you having to go through that with her. I know it was hard for both of you. I had to do all of that testing when I was little too. Not fun! But I'm so so glad that she is allergy-free! Hooray!

Foursons said...

Yeah!!!! Good news! My son gets them on his back and his arms and has huge welts that stay for days.

Sage said...

My grandson had to go thtough that; poor child. At least you did get good news.

~SHANNON~ said...

Oh isn't it the worst when they cry, and you want to rescue them - but you know it's important they have the pokes and prods done??

So hard!!My heart aches for you watching that. But how wonderful it brought good news!

P.S.You have a new follower, great blog:)