Thursday, October 24, 2013


Here is the lovely thing about this little blog. I am able to look back on it and remember times of my life. I have written before about the seasons of my life and as I move from season to season how my life changes.

In deference to this and to the fact that I want to remember days like today I am going to write down what I did today. Now this is not a contest. I get it. We are all busy. You are probably busier than me. I am also not complaining. I just want to remember days like this.

Here goes:

5:45 - up and at em - shower, take dogs out, send out 16 soccer emails for the soccer club that I help out with (you know - in my spare time).

6:45 - wake up hormonal 6th grader with a hurt knee - pack lunches, feed dogs, so on and so forth

7:30 - leave with grouchy middle schooler

7:38 - drop off now weepy and apologetic middle schooler (The funny thing about this is that I did and said NOTHING to initiate this. I literally said/did nothing during the grouchy portion of the morning - just powered through. Somehow this triggered apologetic tears and a long speech about how much she loves me.)

7:39 - quick moment of combined joy and anger management therapy while banging head against steering wheel while waiting to leave the parking lot.

7:43 - arrive at my school

7:43 - 3:00 - general Elementary School business. It was a fun day because my class earned a pajama day so I was rocking an oversized shirt of husbands, yoga pants and very fuzzy blue, glittery slippers borrowed from the middle schooler.

3:00 - after what can only be described as a harrowing experience with 17 third graders and 17 ipads I hustled my class next door to my friends class so that I could rush off to the doctors office for a physical.

3:15 - literally jog into doctors office just in the nick of time - spend majority of appointment talking to doctor (who is our family doctor) about middle schooler's knee. As for me I am amazingly hanging in there and I am somehow not falling apart.

3:45 - blood drawn - hooray she types sarcastically

4:00 - HOME - cleaning, backpack checking, dog walking time (The dogs incidentally are the whiniest people about this whole Mom working full time thing), dinner prep, send husband and middle schooler off to soccer.

6:00 -  head up to kids elementary school for literacy night, go to book fair, see wonderful teachers that I love and appreciate, listen to a great story with my baby in my lap and my third grader holding my hand (pretty much the best moment of my day)

6:55 - quite literally run out of said elementary school

6:56 - stop for first grader who has landed on the concrete like a ton of bricks clutching his pencil and lego sticker book

6:56 still - send third grader running back into school to fetch another lollipop as original lollipop was crushed in the fall

6:59 - make it home - run kids into the house

7:00 - speeding to middle school

7:08 - literally (again) job into middle school

7:12 - sit in chair in front of first middle school conference text husband - "I made it"

7:15 - first of 4 conferences - the middle schooler might be an emotional basket case right now but the kid's a total brainiac and I really do appreciate that.

7:55 - scour book fair with awesome librarian looking for books for middle schooler

8:10 - HOME - bedtime routines, review spelling words, get a splinter out of poor first graders leg, general end of day duties including angry passive aggressive guinea pigs who were fed their treats late and "excited to see me" dogs.

9:11 - heat up black bean chicken dinner - hooray - food - totally forgot about that and man am I hungry!

9:27 - middle schooler shows up in my room to talk about the day - hooray

9:50 - pull out computer, finally turn on episode one of Parenthood that I have literally been trying for days to watch in approximately 7 minute intervals.

and that - my friends - is that.

until tomorrow......