Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yesterday I picked up my safety signs

So yesterday, among other things in a perfectly normal day, I went and picked up my safety signs.


I am fairly convinced that one of my neighbors is going to run one of my kids over so I bought a couple of safety signs. 

As I went through my perfectly normal day I thought several times about my rockstar friends running the marathon. 

26.2 miles

I should really go take a walk. 

Nah - maybe I will go later. 

Anyway - I went about my day and I bought my safety signs because you see - I am scared. 

I am scared of someone hitting one of my kids while texting and driving down the street. 

I am scared of car accidents and cancer. I am scared of heart disease and now, because of what happened in Connecticut, I am scared of armed gunmen in my school. 

I never really thought to be scared to go into Boston on Patriots Day. 

(We went once to see friends who came to run the marathon. We literally drove around the city at 1 mile an hour for an hour finding parking. It was a fun experience because we really got to see what they city was like on it's busiest day of the year. We have not felt the urge to repeat that experience.)

I got all of these calls and texts wondering if we were safe. We live 45 minutes from Boston and I do not necessarily exude the persona of Marathon runner but still it was close and my friends and family felt scared. They shouldn't feel scared because I live 45 minute from Boston but they did. 

There is tons of inspirational stuff flying around and I am not looking to be inspirational because to be perfectly honest - I did not do anything inspirational yesterday. 

I bought safety signs. 

My friends trained for months and then pushed their bodies to do amazing things and their family and friends came to cheer on their amazing achievement

and they were scared in Boston on Patriots Day. 

Today I woke up like a normal day. I will walk my dogs and shake my fist at people who speed by. 

I will put out the safety signs on my driveway when they play. 

I will serve my kids organic milk and make them wear their helmets on their bikes.

I will keep doing what I do every day and even though I do have one new thing to be scared of

I have about a million new things to be proud about.

I guess I will think about that. 

I am still going to go put out my safety signs though......